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Tagan A+ Curbic Review


Closer Look:

All of the included hardware minus the I/O plate is mounted to the inside chassis by the twist tie, it sounded a little scary jarring about as though something were broken– but all was fine. Looking at the front of the Curbic case, the most prominent features are the all-mesh styling, A+ logo, and large fan. Opening the screen reveals four see-through bays, and the USB and audio in/out ports. The screen feels sturdier than it looks, although I would wager it is still quite fragile. It stays shut by two magnets that stick it to the faceplate. The back reveals the seven expansion slots, RoHS compliance, and an extra place for a fan. Also in one of the expansion slots is a bracket with a knob to adjust the speed of one of the fans. Those see-through bay covers also have foam to help filter the dust out, while letting air pass.









The first side panel has a long vent located near the internal 3.5” bays, and matches the perforated mesh design near the front fan well. The other side houses the other large fan, with a glimpse of the speed controller to the right.



The top of the case is plain and smooth, no dents like some cheaper cases may have. The bottom is rigid, which helps strengthen the metal. The holes are where the feet are to be installed - simply by pushing them in. The front panel can be removed also by grabbing the handle at the bottom and pulling away.



Both of the case fans also have a button hidden at the bottom right-hand corner, which is used to turn the five blue LED lights on or off for each fan. The fans stay on whether the lights are on or not, which allows people to buy this case even if they don’t like lights, or need to turn them off for some reason. Also located on the front panel are two small vents to help keep air flowing through the front fan, and the power/reset buttons.


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