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Tagan Icy Box IB-3218 Series Review

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Closer Look:

The Tagan Icy Box itself is just a black rectangular box made out of metal. There are also two arc shaped feet that serve a purely aesthetic purpose, as far as I can tell. These arches come off very easily, so if you prefer to use the Icy Box without them, it is very easy to make that happen.










The front of the box features a mesh pattern, along with an Icy Box logo. Additionally, there are two small LEDs that allow you to know when power is on and when the disk is in use. The mesh design also allows for air flow over the hard drives, keeping them cool - which is becoming more and more important as our hard drives get faster and faster.



The back side is a little more interesting. This panel is where the PCB is located, and where most of the switches and input/outputs are for the device. There is also a power switch in the form of a toggle, and fan to help cool whatever drives you put into the device. The fan is pretty small, and I'm not sure it will be able to move a lot of air, but it is definitely better than nothing.



The inside of the Tagan Icy Box has two rails for the hard drives to sit on, and has a PCB with connectors for power and data. The drives are held in place using the side screws, and not the bottom ones. The pictures below show how one drive sits in the device, while omitting the second one to show the circuitry that runs the show. If you are observant, you might be asking yourself "How does the fan push air past the drives with that PCB board right there?" This is a good question, and I'm afraid the answer is that it really doesn't work.



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