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Tagan A+ CS-Monolize Review

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Having used many cases that I felt had good airflow made me skeptical of how well two giant 250mm fans would be able to balance the airflow in and out of the chassis while keeping the components from sitting in stagnant air and cooking. Tagan has done an excellent job making sure there is an avenue of escape for all of the air being pushed into the case. The venting on the top, sides, front and rear panels all allow the 300+ C.F.M to flow through almost completely unobstructed. You can really feel the airflow moving out of the vents. Initially, I was thinking there was no way that the volume of air would be turned over enough to not have a positive case pressure and create areas of stagnant air. That hunch got stronger when I realized there were no additional fans to help move the volume of air being ingested. Before checking the specifications on the fans, I measured the incoming airflow on each fan and was surprised that my measured numbers came within 5 C.F.M. of the rated flow. A bonus!

As high end video cards are increasing in size with each generation, a case has to be able to accommodate these cards for the chassis to even be considered for a high end gaming rig. Again, Tagan has done its homework. I test fitted all of the video cards in my possession, a 9800GX2, 9800GTX, GTX 280, GTX260, HD 3870X2 and all of them fit. The panels fit nicely and did not need any persuasion to make them fit. The finish did not scratch during all of the hardware switchover. The front panel is made of a softer plastic that has more feel to it and is less likely to crack with some abuse. The ability to control the fan speeds, as well as turn them off and on individually, is a nice touch. As quiet as the fans are, even at full song, makes turning them off a non issue in my book. The fans are so quiet that I can now hear the hard drive when it is accessing data. Now the loudest part in the chassis is the video card! Tagan has a winner with this case in my eyes. It's quiet, can fit all of the latest hardware comfortably, has more than ample airflow and just looks good. Add in the price and the Monolith could be a case to consider on your next build.



  • Good looks
  • Tool free drives
  • Quiet
  • High air flow
  • Reduced operating temperatures
  • Large video cards, no problem



  • Additional fans optional
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