Sytrin KuFormula SHF1 Ultra Hard Drive Cooler

Makaveli - 2007-03-26 20:14:59 in Cooling
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Reviewed by: Makaveli   
Reviewed on: April 1, 2007
Price: $29.99 USD


   In our world today, all important data is protected in some way. Why should all of your work and information stored on your computer’s hard drive be any different? Keeping your hard drive in cool conditions allows it to perform the best that it can and ensures that the life of the drive won’t be crippled prematurely. Join me as I take a look into Sytrin’s KuFormula SHF1 Ultra Series hard drive cooler to see just how much of a difference a cool hard drive makes!

Sytrin has been around for more than 10 years producing high quality cooling, power, and casing products. They continue to strive to produce unique products that cater to the needs of all computer users.

Closer Look:

   To be honest with you, I had a nice giggle when I read the top label on this box; it says “Free Cooling Playing” which makes no sense at all. On the side of the box it says “Excellent Cooling Brand” which is a nice and simple way to promote Sytrin. The back of the box consists of a full list of specifications and features of the hard drive cooler.


I really love how sleek the unit looks. The heat fins on top add a nice touch to the looks of the cooler. Inside, there was a white box stuffed with the accessories shown above. The two black rails are actually mounting brackets that you can position on top of the cooler to hold either a fan or another hard drive. The magnet-looking object is just a stretchy, solid thermal paste strip.



To make the hard drive cooler stand out, Sytrin placed two 40mm blue LED fans in the front. By using the supplied cable, you can plug both fans in and power them both with just one four pin power cable.


The inside isn’t anything special, except for the rubber stops that line up with the screw holes for hard drives. I like having the rubber there because it helps in limiting the hard drives vibrations, thus creating less noise.


    The first thing to do is to take the hard drive you plan on putting in the cooler out of its current place. Take off the top of the cooler and make sure that the unit’s fan cables are sticking out the back before you place the hard drive in. Next, you’ll want to place the drive in the cooler and apply the thermal pad on top. This helps dissipate heat a lot more efficiently.


Now, once the drive is in place, secure it using the long black screws provided. Snap the fan connectors into the supplied power cable and use the long silver screws to place the top back onto the cooler. Once that’s ready, slide the drive into a free 5.25” bay and connect the necessary cables. It’s as simple as that! Doesn’t it look great while it’s lit up?



Applications IDE, SCSI, SATA, SAS Interface
Dimensions 197 x 148.6 x 42.5 mm
Materials Aluminium + Steel
Fan Dimensions 40x40x20 mm
Fan Voltage 12v
Fan Power Input 0.8W
Fan Rated Current 0.07A
Fan Speed 4,500 RPM
Fan Noise 21 dBA



I put my Western Digital 250GB IDE hard drive into the cooler and recorded results from HDDHealth while it was idle and with load (in all tests, lower is better).

Test System:

I’m simply stunned! Both tests yielded extremely good temperatures from the drive with the cooler. Using HDTach, let’s find out if a cooler drive produces better performance (higher is better).

As you can see, there is no question at all that a cooler drive performs better than the non-cooled drive. HDTach also showed that the drive with the cooler had a CPU Utilization of 4%, whereas without the cooler, it was 5%.


    I had no idea that hard drive coolers could impact performance and cut the original temperature of the hard drive almost in half! There aren’t any words to describe how high this hard drive cooler went above my expectations. I’m almost shocked that I didn’t get a hard drive cooler after my old 250GB IDE hard drive constantly crashed from being overheated. I know now that I’ll never let my main drive out of this awesome cooler. The only thing is even close to a con is that it has blue LEDs; I feel they are over used in computers today. This drive is worth every penny to ensure the life of your hard drive and allow it to perform to its maximum potential. Sytrin hit the spot by making a cooler that's not too visually obtrusive as some other hard drive coolers are. If you want a semi-low key hard drive cooler that shells out unmatched performance, this is the hard drive cooler for you!