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Synology Disk Station DS408 Review

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Once you have the hard drives installed it's time for the initial configuration of the the DS408. You begin by inserting the installation CD in your optical drive and waiting for the Synology Installation start screen to appear. The next step is to click on “Set up the Synology Server” option to start the discovery and initial setup process. After a few seconds, the software should locate the NAS server and briefly display a screen showing the default server name and the IP address of the unit assigned by your DHCP server. Since this is the first time through the setup process the system will detect this and pop up the Setup Wizard screen. This will allow you to load software from the installation CD and specify whether to do a one-click setup or follow step-by-step instructions. I chose the step-by-step to get a look at all of the options. The software is a .PAT file located on the CD and was automatically found by the system. You could take a moment to check check Synology's support web site for updates and use the Browse button to select the location of a more recent version you downloaded if one is available.











The wizard steps you through all of the steps to configure the basic setting needed. The default name of the server is 'DiskStation' and is used to identify and access the unit on the network. The unit comes configured with a administrator account with no password. The “Create password” page allows to to create a strong password (up to 127 characters) for the administrator login. It's a very good idea to go ahead and change the password at this time to keep others from changing settings on the unit. The server can use DHCP to obtain an IP address from a router or you can manually assign a fixed IP address to the unit. If you choose a fixed IP address the system first checks for any conflicts before assigning that address to the DS408.




There are just a few more quick steps to finish the setup wizard. The next step is to set the time zone and date/time for the DS408. That was the last of the data entry steps and once you have reviewed your settings and clicked the Finish button you are asked to confirm before the settings are saved to disk. Clicking the Yes button begins the process of applying the settings to the server and the creation of the system and data partitions on the disks. This process takes a few minutes depending on the number and size of your hard drives. Once the process is finished, you'll get a success message and, after clicking the OK button, you'll be automatically redirected to the login page of the Web UI.




We've just set the basics on the server but it's not ready to use until we create a volume on it which we need to do by using the Web UI.

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