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Swiftech MCW6500-T TEC (Peltier) Assisted Water Block

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The Opteron 170 testing left me a bit unsure what to do next. After some thought, I thought it would be a good idea to test a lower Thermal Design Power processor, a 3500+ Venice. It is single core rather than the 170's two cores, and 512K cache rather than the 1MB per core of the 170.

Here you can see the vast difference in die size:


Firing up the rig showed the 3500+ to settle at 2°C.

I was running over schedule in the review, partly due to the need to buy tools and extra materials and chemical sprays, and partly due to the socket / conformal coating issue. I didn't have time to test the 3500+ Venice with the Storm G4 as well as the MCW6500-T, so I decided to use the TEC-block and just run the CPU tests. If the temperatures turn out to be good, then the next stage of testing would be to get some new personal bests with one of the world's fastest Venice CPUs. I will use the same idle and CPU-only Stress Prime 2004 testing scenarios to gather temperature data (standard version of SP2004 rather than the dual core Orthos Edition).

Testing Setup:

  • AMD 3500 Venice (no heatspreader) @ 2.2 GHz, 1.296v
  • Swiftech MCW6500-T TEC-assisted water-block
  • Swiftech MCP655 (Laing/DD D5) pump
  • Swiftech MCR220-QP radiator (2x Panaflo 120x120x38mm M1A fans @ 12v)
  • Swiftech MCRes-Micro reservoir
  • DFI NF4 Ultra-D (modded to SLI)
  • 1x 512MB G.Skill LE PC4400 (2.5-4-4-8-1T)
  • 2x Point Of View 7800GT 256MB @ 522 / 1260, voltmodded to 1.712v GPU
  • 2x Dangerden Maze4 GPU low profile water-blocks
  • PC Power & Cooling 510 SLI/Express PSU
  • Meanwell S-320-12 PSU
  • 2x Hitachi 160GB 7k250 SATA1 (RAID-0)
  • 2x Hitachi 250GB T7k250 SATA2
  • Hitachi 200GB T7k250 ATA
  • Seagate 200GB 7200.7 ATA
  • NEC ND-3500A DVDRW
  • Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2

The temperatures recorded here will only be to show the temperatures of the main system components in idle and CPU-only load scenarios.


Ambient = 26°C

All Temps (CPU Idle vs CPU Load)

My eyes lit up as my 3500+ Venice dipped belowing freezing point. The lowest I have got any processor is about 9°C on air in the winter and I was wearing a jacket and hat! A glorious -27°C below ambient. Under load, the CPU temperature rises to -16°C below ambient. The other major system components stayed pretty much the same, regardless of CPU load.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Meanwell 320W PSU)
  3. Installation (Meanwell PSU)
  4. Installation (Motherboard Preparation)
  5. Installation (CPU & MCW6500-T)
  6. Specifications
  7. Testing (Opteron 170: Stock)
  8. Testing (Opteron 170: Overclocked)
  9. Testing (3500+ Venice: Stock)
  10. Testing (3500+ Venice: Overclocked)
  11. Conclusion
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