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Reviewed on: October 18, 2007
Super Talent
Super Talent
Price: $36.99


People enjoy listening to their music as well as carrying it around with them in a small great looking package. Not only does it need to be small and easy to carry, but it also needs to be able to hold a lot of data due to the large size of today's top songs. Super Talent was again thinking of what the customers wanted when they designed the SmartClip MP3 player. This player is small, compact, portable, looks great, and can hold a lot of songs in the 1GB of built-in flash memory.

Super Talent Technology is a corporation which has its main headquarters in California and manufactures many different types of memory products, some of which include DDR and DDR2 memory modules, flash drives, and MP3 players. Super Talent Corporation holds over 100 patents on manufacturing processes, as well as module designs.


Closer Look: 

The Super Talent SmartClip MP3 player came in a nice white box that proudly displays the Super Talent logo. The package also has a cutout that shows the MP3 player in a protective, clear plastic “window”.






On the bottom of the package, there is a list of the main features that Super Talent feels are the most important for the customers to know.


There is also a secondary package that houses the MP3 player as well as all the accessories that come packaged with the player.



The accessories that are included are headphones, a USB cable, and the quick guide informational sheet. The USB cable, as well as the headphones, come in their own separate plastic packaging.



The quick guide informational sheet displays a few things about the product, including what each button is, as well as where all of the jacks (USB and earphone) are located. On the reverse side of the sheet, it goes into details of how to operate the player, as well as how to download music to the player and how to change the battery. The final section lists the specifications of the player.


Closer Look: 

The SmartClip MP3 player is extremely small, measuring in at only 45.0mm x 28.0mm x 10.5mm. The front side of the MP3 player has a play/pause button (surrounded by a blue LED light, when powered on), volume up and down buttons (located below the play/pause button) and track forward and previous buttons (located above the play/pause button). Super Talent has used touch panel technology for the volume up and down buttons, as well as the track forward and previous buttons. 





On the top of this player there is an earphone jack, as well as the Off/On/Hold slider, which seems to move very well. The bottom of the SmartClip player is where you plug in the USB cable so you can transfer music to it.



On the backside, Super Talent put a clip that displays the Super Talent logo, so you can easily clip it to your belt, pants, shirt, or any where else you may want to put it.


When you want to add music to the SmartClip, you plug the USB cable into your computer, then into the player and you are able to use Windows Explorer to drag and drop the files you wish to add. You are not limited to only putting audio files on the player. You can upload any file you wish to the player, however it will only play files with the MP3, WMA, or WAV file format.





As a comparison for the testing phase of this review, I will be using an iPod Nano (2GB). Comparing the sound quality between the two MP3 players was amazing. The iPod's sound was a little bit better, only because you are able to adjust the bass and treble levels, which you cannot do on the SmartClip. However, the SmartClip was already designed with it adjusted to a great level. Unlike the iPod, there is no screen on the SmartClip, which can be a positive due to the fact that it is one less thing that can be damaged during use when you are working out or during other activities.


To test the sound quality of this MP3 player, I was using a scale of 1 (being horrible) to 100 (being excellent) using what I heard through my ears. 

This brings me to another good point, the SmartClip was very easy to use. There is no third party software that you need to install to be able to put music on the player, you just use Windows Explorer and drag and drop the files you wish to be on the player, just like a flash drive or a folder on your hard drive. You can see in the picture below of what it looks like when you have a few songs on your player.


I compared the Super Talent SmartClip (1GB) to an Imation Swivel Pro (1GB) as well as an iPod Nano (2GB) and the results are as follows. To get the transfer speeds, I timed how long it would take to transfer a group of files, which added up to be .99GB, and transfered the files via Windows Explorer to each device at different times. Please note that the iPod Nano (2GB) was with the same songs but it was using a Firewire connection, as well as the needed third party software, iTunes.

The Super Talent SmartClip MP3 player compared to the other devices did not do very well at all. The transfer took a significantly more amount of time.



I have owned a few other MP3 players in the past and the Super Talent SmartClip is my favorite. The simplicity of the controls, the way you are able to charge it using the USB port on your computer, as well as how small it is (which does not compromise the amount of music you are able to put on it). An LCD screen on this player is a personal preference. It could be a good thing for some people, as you would know what song you are listening to; however, I feel that it is just another thing that can be easily broken, as well as the fact that with the size of this player, Super Talent wouldn't have even been able to fit one on there. Also, due to the fact that you do not have to install any third party software on your computer to be able to upload music onto the player is another great feature Super Talent incorporated into the design. The only downside to the device that I encountered while using this product was the time that it took to transfer a single gigabyte worth of songs to the player, which to me was not that big of a deal, though I could see it being an issue for other people. Sound quality was great, but that will depend wholly on the quality of the MP3 file you are listening to. Without tone adjustments, the music is what it is rather than being adjustable to meet to each individual's preferences. I very much enjoyed using the SmartClip MP3 player, and I will continue to enjoy using it to listen to my music.