Super Talent DH Flash Drive Review

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Reviewed on: October 15, 2007
Super Talent
Super Talent
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In this day and age of technology, personal files are becoming larger and larger as technology advances. People need a way to store these large files that can easily be transported from one location to another. Most people also do not like to wait for things to work, they want it done instantly.

Super Talent has come out with the new Super Talent DH Flash Drive, which comes in sizes ranging from 512MB all the way up to a whopping 8GB. I was lucky enough to receive a 2GB version of this flash drive. I cannot wait to put it to the test and see how it will compare to the other flash drives that I own, especially against my personal favorite, the Imation Swivel Pro 1GB USB Drive. Super Talent memory products have always been at the top end of the spectrum, so let's get started.

Super Talent Technology Corporation has its main headquarters located in California and manufactures many different types of memory products, some of which include DDR and DDR2 Memory modules, Flash Drives, and MP3 players. Super Talent Corporation holds over 100 patents on manufacturing processes as well as module designs.


Closer Look:

Super Talent is one of those companies that likes to proudly display what you are purchasing, instead of hiding the product behind a cardboard package. The Super Talent DH Flash Drive (2GB) came in a fully plastic package with a cardboard piece inside to display the necessary information to the purchaser.



The flash drive that I received is silver in color and made to look very sleek and professional; the drive is made of aluminum. On the “front” side of the drive, Super Talent's logo is displayed in bold black lettering, and also tells you that it is compatible with USB 2.0 and has 2GB worth of storage.



On the end that you plug into your computer's USB port, there is a removable cap that will protect the connector from getting dirty, being bent, or being scratched.





“The DH style's aluminum body is rugged enough to keep your data safe under tough environmental conditions. The 200X version delivers breath-taking data transfer speeds in excess of 30MB per second. This award winning USB drive is the perfect mobile storage device.”





To test the Super Talent DH Flash Drive, OverclockersClub will be using the Flash Memory Tool Kit. The benchmarks that will be used will include “Low Level Benchmark” and “File Benchmark”. We will be using the Low Level Benchmark to test the drive in a read format and we will be focusing in on how many Mb/s and what speed multiplication the drive can acquire. The File Benchmark will be used to test read and write speeds in KB/s to see what type of transfer rates are achieved with one, three, and five Mb files.


Testing Setup: 


Read Speed - Low Level Benchmark: 

Taking a look at the screen shots of the Low Level Benchmark below, you can see that the Super Talent DH was the best out of the three in terms of being consistent in the speeds, as well as having the highest.








Read and Write - File Benchmark: 

Once again, the Super Talent DH Flash Drive was the best drive out of the three that I had tested; it stayed at a constant speed only dropping down at the 50% complete mark.












What could be better than being able to transport a large amount of files around in a small compact sexy little flash drive? I would have to say being able to transfer those same files into that same drive at amazingly fast speeds, such as an average of 33 Mb/s! This beats the other two flash drives that I was able to compare it to; one of which was the one that I use every day, but will now be replaced. Having the ability to carry those files around and being able to upload at blazing fast speeds cannot be beat, especially when it is all packaged in a small piece of hardware that is very easy to look at and show off.