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Super Talent T1000UX2G5 DDR2-1000 (2 x 1 GB) Dual Channel Memory Kit



So, what have we seen here? From close examination of all the test scores, it appears that the OCZ ram has beaten out the Super Talent ram for the speed crown. But, did you notice something that I have purposely left out up to this point? Look closely at the default timings of each set of modules. While the Super Talent ram runs at 5-5-5-15, the OCZ ram runs at 4-5-4-15. This in itself gives an edge to the OCZ ram which would account for the higher scores. Does this make all the difference? Is there something more helping the OCZ to score better? Only further testing would determine that. To OCZ’s credit, the OCZ ram went all the way to 1114 MHz at those 4-5-4-15 timings, which is incredible. As it stands, the Super Talent ram is geared at the gamer, overclocker and power user. It does its job admirably. It ran at its rated speed flawlessly giving a superior accounting of itself. I would have no problem recommending this ram for anyone looking for a fast, reliable and efficient set of ram modules for their gaming pc. There is plenty of headroom to clock them to higher speeds, and you can tighten the timings to gain that little extra speed. These appear to be very well engineered and manufactured sets of ram modules indeed! A slight problem can be had though when you actually go to buy these modules. On this day in particular, I was only able to find them for sale on two web sites and the prices varied wildly.


  • Super Talent Lifetime Warranty
  • Each module is hand tested
  • Perfect performance in these tests
  • High Efficiency Heat Spreaders
  • Price


  • Price
  • Availability
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