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Reviewed on: March 8, 2003
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Price: $33 USD


After using my blue cold cathode fluorescent light (CCFL) for a while, I decided to take a look at some of the new variants of CCFLs that SunBeamTech has manufactured, and one in particular had caught my eye, that being the tri-coloured CCFL. While some users prefer to use a single colour, I decided that a little more coloured lighting wouldn't hurt at all.

This particular one I picked up from a new modding store right on University of Alberta campus!

Sample product image - Taken from SunBeam Tech homepage


The instructions from the manual include the following:

  • Brightness: 18000 ± 3000 candela/m²
  • Average life: 15000 hours
  • Voltage: 200~1000V (That's a rather big range)
  • Current/Output of inverter: 5mA
  • Power: 2.85 ± 0.3W
  • Input Voltage of Inverter: 12V DC

  • Just a plain packaging... saves alot of printing costs

    The package includes the CCFL, wrapped in the bubble plastic for protection, a set of instructions, a rocker switch, adhesive velcro strips, and the dual-inverter, pre-connected to a modified Y molex adapter.


    The inverter and rocker switch

    Installing this product is as simple as finding a suitable spot for it and to make it stay there. The adhesives on the double-sided velcro strips are incredibly strong, and unless there was fingerprint oil between it and the attaching surface, it's going to stick on there very nicely. Unlike my blue cathode, this time I chose to put it much higher, parallel to the railing of my case, with one velcro strip attached to the bottom of my power supply, and at the other end, a velcro strip attached to the wall of the drive bay. If you want, you can also find a spot (such as a drive bay cover) to cut an opening for the rocker switch, so that you can turn it on or off easily.

    The dual-inverter's plugs

    A CCFL plugged in! Is that - room for one more??

    Note that the inverter has room for two CCFL units. This means you can purchase just one kit, and then buy a second CCFL to attach to it. However, given the short length of the CCFL cable, you may need to purchase an extension cable if you wish to place the two CCFL about 10" apart from each other. Luckily, one can usually buy an extension cable from the same place as where you got the CCFL kit from.


    I apologize for the motion blur on the pictures here. Slow shutter speeds combined with involuntary idle motion attributed to this! =p

    My old blue one - bright, yet plain.

    My new RGB one - also bright, and vibrant too!

    Remember that these photos tend to exaggarate themselves whenever a bright source is part of the picture; it is not blindingly bright at the light, and the darker spots are actually lit up quite nicely as well.

    The blue CCFL remains as bright as ever - a sign of quality from SunBeam Technology. At the same time, the multi-coloured CCFL is also very nice and bright, and the multiple colours really add to the interior lighting of the case.

    Another angle

    A close up of the CCFL

    Another close up - much better

    One more time!


    This is certainly a nice "upgrade" from my single blue lighting! If a single colour is not enough, and a tri-colour is too much, SunBeam also manufactures dual-colour CCFLs with varying combinations, such as red/blue, blue/green, red/green, and later, some others including violet and yellow. This is an excellent product! If you are on the lookout for a new CCFL for some interior case lighting, I highly recommend those made by SunBeam. Bright and vibrant colours make for a very nice, lighted display.


  • Very bright
  • Multi-coloured RGB is very vibrant
  • Inverter can support two CCFLs
  • Cons

  • CCFL cable is still very short, but an extension cable can remedy this