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SunBeamTech 12



I apologize for the motion blur on the pictures here. Slow shutter speeds combined with involuntary idle motion attributed to this! =p

My old blue one - bright, yet plain.

My new RGB one - also bright, and vibrant too!

Remember that these photos tend to exaggarate themselves whenever a bright source is part of the picture; it is not blindingly bright at the light, and the darker spots are actually lit up quite nicely as well.

The blue CCFL remains as bright as ever - a sign of quality from SunBeam Technology. At the same time, the multi-coloured CCFL is also very nice and bright, and the multiple colours really add to the interior lighting of the case.

Another angle

A close up of the CCFL

Another close up - much better

One more time!


This is certainly a nice "upgrade" from my single blue lighting! If a single colour is not enough, and a tri-colour is too much, SunBeam also manufactures dual-colour CCFLs with varying combinations, such as red/blue, blue/green, red/green, and later, some others including violet and yellow. This is an excellent product! If you are on the lookout for a new CCFL for some interior case lighting, I highly recommend those made by SunBeam. Bright and vibrant colours make for a very nice, lighted display.

  • Very bright
  • Multi-coloured RGB is very vibrant
  • Inverter can support two CCFLs
  • Cons

  • CCFL cable is still very short, but an extension cable can remedy this

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