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Sunbeam Quarterback Review

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Closer Look:  


When you remove the front black bezel, you are able to see a few things about this case. The first thing that you are able to notice is that there is a spot for a 120mm fan at the bottom of the front of the case, however this spot is empty and the case does not come with a spare fan. The second thing that you may notice is how the IO panel is wired, as well as where the power and restart buttons on the front of the case are.  








When you take a look at the left side of the case, you are able to see what is inside of the case through the side panel acrylic window that has a 120mm fan installed to bring fresh air in from outside of the case and blow over some of the important components that are below. Not only are you able to see the pre-installed 120mm fan, you are also able to see the patented idea that Sunbeam has come up with for installing two fans that are suspended in the middle of your case to keep the air flowing, which we will take a look at later.  


Before we actually open up the case to see what is on the inside, I would like to take a closer look at what is going on at the back of the case. When you take a look, like most all other cases, there is a rear fan that is installed in a way to blow out the warm air to make more room for cooler, fresh air. The Quarterback has a 120mm fan that is installed in this spot. Right below the fan is where all of the expansion slots are - there is a total of seven slots that all have tool-less features to install the cards. Above the slots, there are holes drilled into the case to allow for freely flowing air to escape from inside of the case or for fresh air to be sucked in by a video card's heatsink/fan setup.  



Now that we have taken a look at everything on the outside of the case, let's open her up and see what she has hiding on the inside. When you first take off the front cover, you are able to see that there are five exposed 5.25" drive bays on the right, with two exposed 3.5" drive bays directly underneath them that all have tool-less installation features. Under the 3.5" drive bays there are three more 3.5" drive bays. This is not all that is hidden inside of the case, there is also the patented Core-Fan technology that Sunbeam has come up with. This is the bar that is dividing the case into two sections with two 120mm fans attached. This keeps the air flowing in the intended direction once it has gotten into the case. There is a brown box that is inside the case with installation instructions, as well as a bag of screws and the necessary pieces to allow the tool-free installation of the drives.  




The expansion slots on the inside of the case look very similar to those of any other case, however they take advantage of using a tool-free technology, very similar to the rest of the features on the Quarterback.  


The fans that are inside the case are all 120mm. The two that are installed in the center are able to be removed by unscrewing three screws, which then will allow you to install the motherboard. The fans can be left on the bar or removed if you wish. All of the fans inside are the same type and made by the same manufacturer - Sunbeam - and are all rated at 1000RPM.  



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