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Sunbeam Automaton Review

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The Sunbeam Automaton computer case is designed for the average computer user, as it has all the necessary items that one may want or need while looking great, but it is such a smaller case than some of the other ones out there. I was very surprised when I was able to fit all the hardware inside. I am a fan of the compact-sized case for a couple of reasons; first, you are going to be able to fit the case anywhere in your room/office and second, if you are someone who is using a simple system that does not generate a whole lot of heat, it will work perfectly for you. The downside of the compact case is the fact that you are not going to be able to fit a whole lot of components inside of the case, especially the newest, most powerful video cards, or massive CPU coolers. Even if you do, you are going to be suffering with higher temperatures as there is not enough air inside the case to cool them effectively. The side panels that are included with the Automaton case are great. Its very innovative that there is a window on both sides of the case. This may appeal to some of the newer computer enthusiasts out there, whilte the more seasoned ones are going to realize it's going to result in the "ugly side" of wire management showing through. Speaking of wire management, there was not much room in the case to hide your wires. I was not impressed with Sunbeams decision to take away the tool-less installation features, as that is one of the bigger selling points and is almost standard on most of today's cases. The temperatures that the case yielded were not the greatest, but by comparison hung with some pretty tough competition. It was able to do a little better than the Cosmos S with the hard drive and chipset temperatures.

I would suggest this case to anyone who is looking to upgrade their old case and is looking for a compact, high performance chassis. If you are someone that is looking to have the latest and greatest hardware, I would say that the Automaton will be a challenging install with larger components and lack of hiding spots for wiring. But seeing as the Cooler Master V10 and a full size video card fit inside, though snugly, is more space really a necessity?



  • Compact Size
  • Three 120mm Fans
  • Side Panel Window (Both Sides)
  • Great Looks
  • Temperatures



  • No Tool-Less Installation Features
  • Side Panel Window (Back Side)
  • Wire Management (Or Lack Thereof)


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  2. Closer Look (The Case)
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  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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