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Starcraft II Beta Performance Preview

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The only real way to find out how the latest video cards perform in the latest games is install and then play through a section of the game. This will give a realistic expectation of what kind of performance you can expect. I will be using a custom 11 minute timed sequence using Fraps to measure the frames per second delivered by the hardware while playing this game. The in game settings will be set to Ultra to put the highest load on the video cards in this test. Anti Aliasing is not supported directly in Starcraft II but Nvidia has made the option available for its cards in this game. Testing will be run to see if enabling Anti Aliasing has an impact on visual quality and performance. To enable Anti aliasing, I will adjust this to 4x in each of the respective control panels and run the timed sequence at 1920 x 1200. The testing setup used will be my standard testbed listed below.


The settings used in game are the highest possible settings with v-sync turned off for maximum framerates . While in many games, setting the visual quality this high presents challenges for less powerful hardware, Starcraft II is playable with the highest possible settings. Blizzard wanted to have scalable performance so everyone could play. Not just those with high end rigs.




  1. Introduction
  2. Testing: Setup and Results
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