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Spire Whisper Rock IV Heat Sink Review


With the Cpu overclocked we see a less of a difference in temps, but the Aero7+ still beats the WhisperRockIV by 1.2c

For the last reading taken was with the system under load. The Aero7+ is the clear winner here, with a 7.8c lower temp over the WhisperRockIV.

The results clearly show that with the, aero7+ blower type fan witch eliminates the dead spots caused by traditional axial fans, combined with a skived fin solid copper block is on top of things. I have to give credit to the WhisperRockIV for holding its own in the other test, not to mention the WhisperRockIV is an aluminum heat sink with a copper core and can be found for less than the aero7+.

Ill give credit to the WhisperRockIV for its low noise, price, and and it can be found on the net for only $9 dollars. On the other hand this is not a cooler for an extreme overclocker, but will fit quite nicely for the mainstream users, looking for better cooling than what the amd stock heat sink has to offer for a great price. One of the great things about this cooler is its silence; it’s not audible at all when on, unless of course you put your ear right next to it hehe. Given the lack luster Cpu load performance, lapping would greatly improve the temps. Overall I would recommend this heat sink to any one wanting a silent and good cooler with some mild overclockabilty.


  • Silent Operation
  • Inexpensive


  • Unlapped Finish
  • Installation
  • May have problems cooling newer CPU's

  1. Introduction, Specifications, & In-Depth Look
  2. In-Depth Look Contenued & Installation
  3. Testing
  4. Testing Contenued & Conclusion
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