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Spire Whisper Rock IV Heat Sink Review


Testing Method
Temperatures for the testing were taken via a CompU Nurse thermal probe located next to the CPU die. Artic Silver 5 (thermal compound) was applied to the cpu and each heat sink according to the directions located on Arctic Silver's web site. The compound was given 72 hours of use before the testing was done on any of the heat sinks. To achieve the "idle temperature" reading, the computer was allowed to set idle for 15 minutes then the reading was taken. To achieve the "load temperature" Prime95 was run for 15 minutes and then the reading was taken. The overclocked temperature readings were done in the same manner, except the multiplier was increased from 11 to 12.5 giving an overclock of 253 MHz. The three heat sinks tested, the Aero7+ fan was run at 50% 2200rpm since it was the only one of the bunch that has a fan control, and to keep the noise level around the same for all the heat sinks.

Testing Setup
  • AMD Athlon XP 2500+ 11x166 / overclocked to 2800+ 12.5x166
  • ASUS A7N8X-DLX Rev 2.0 (nforce2 ultra chipset)
  • 1x512 Hyperx pc3500 cas2 2-2-11
  • Chieftec Dragon case, 5 80x80x25mm Antec fans 7volt mod
  • Artic Silver 5 thermal compound
  • Running windows XP pro service pack 1

    Testing Results
    There really isn’t much of a diff in fan speed, other than the Skivestream2.

  • Even between the 900rpm difference, of the skivestreamII and whisperrockIV they have the same noise level. But the skivestreamII has a little more pitch being a 70mm fan. The blower type fan the aero7+ uses, even at 2200rpm has a much higher noise level, than the whisperrockIV and the skivestreamII.

    We can see here that the aero7+ with its blower type fan clearly has the best temps although not by much.

    When fully loading the Cpu to 100% the Aero7+ has a 8.2c lead over the whisperrockIV.

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    2. In-Depth Look Contenued & Installation
    3. Testing
    4. Testing Contenued & Conclusion
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