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Spire Whisper Rock IV Heat Sink Review


In-Depth Look

The WhisperRockIV looks a lot like the older heat sinks used on AMD T-Birds (Thunderbirds), back in the day. The only noticeable difference is that the Whisper Rock IV has the copper core insert. The core does not appear to of been lapped. When running my fingers across the base I could feel the ridges from the base not being lapped, or lapped well. Lapping would have greatly helped to take the ridges off the base, and would have given it a much better surface contact area and finish.

The WhisperRockIV takes advantage of the 3 lug type, these types of clips will prevent your motherboard ZIF socket from breaking, and it also provides greater stability for the heat sink. Older and sometimes cheaper heat sinks will use a cheap clipping mechanism like a 1 lug type. Even if one of the Ziff sockets 6 brackets break, you can still use a 3 lug clip to use on the heat sink. The three lug clip is a must for people who frequent lans. You don’t want to show up with your heat sink off, and Ziff sockets broken bracket using a 1 lug clip would be a no lanning day.

Well I would of liked to of seen the installation go smoother than it did. Upon trying to install the heat sink with the fan mounted on the heat sink was a hassle, after removing the fan things went much smoother, but the bottom clip kept coming undone from the lug when trying to fasten the top clip. I had to hold the bottom clip in place to secure the top clip to the sockets lugs.

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