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Silver Hawk All-Aluminum Mid-Tower Case Review
Reviewed by: Bryan McDaniel
Reviewed on: August 17th, 2004
Provided by: XPCGear
Price: $35.00 +/- USD

In-Depth Look
As stated in the features, the case is made out of 1.0mm brushed aluminum. This makes the case very sturdy, yet light. Gives it a nice look as well.

I hadn't had the case out of the box 10 seconds before I could see problems. The first issue I had, is that the case came with one 5.25 bay and one 3.5 bay open. Having an open 5.25 bay isn't that big of a deal to me, as it'll have a drive of some sort stuck there. However, with the increasing popularity (and decreasing price) of thumb/key drives, I've pretty well eliminated floppie drives. In fact, out of five systems, I have one that still has a floppy in it.. and that one hasn't been used in 6+ months.

Aside from the open drive bays, my next issue with the case was the area for the intake fan. If you don't see what I'm talking about, I've tried to demonstrate it below.

The white circle represents the 80mm fan. The yellow squair represents the area around the holes which allow the air through. Pretty small area isn't it? Wait, it gets worse. See the area in the center with the big “X”? That area represents the dead zone created by the center of the fan. So, that leaves you with the very small yellow area around the “X” that air will actually flow through. Keep in mind, that is also not an open area. The front pannel has several small slits where the air will flow, which further reduces the ammount of cool air that can be brought into the case.

Below the problem area, we see that the case has two USB ports, a FireWire port, and two audio jacks. Having front ports is always nice, especially if you are like me and have everything crammed tightly in a corner. Trying to reach behind a case right now is an accident waiting to happen.

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