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Silenx Ixtrema Review

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The Silenx Ixtrema CPU Cooler lived up to its name by being a very silent, yet effective, solution for your processor's cooling needs. The Silenx Ixtrema was not only able to keep the temperatures down, but also looked good when it had both 120mm fans installed. This was only hindered by the fact that you had to really push to get the cooler installed in its clips due to the large heatsink installed on the Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 motherboard that pushed up on the fan. That inconvenience could have been avoided if the cooler was designed to be a little taller, allowing extra clearance for the underlying components and their cooling needs. However, I was very impressed with the thickness of the heatpipes of the Ixtrema, they are thicker than most of the other coolers that I have played with in the past, which helped the cooler stay so cool. I was also impressed with the way that the base of the heatsink was designed with the heatpipes making direct contact with the IHS of the processor that it was cooling, adding less resistance for the heat to pass through. The temperatures that were achieved with this cooler were very impressive; I would suggest this cooler to anyone who is looking for a new solution for their overheating problems, either it be due to a stock cooler or an aggressive overclocker who wants to stick with air cooling. I did not like how the cooler was intended to be mounted to the motherboard, the plastic circular bracket just seemed like it would not allow the cooler to make a very tight fit with the processor, however it did prove to work well, as well as making it a tool-less installation.



  • Thick heatpipes
  • Heatpipes directly contact IHS
  • Temperatures
  • Dual fan capable
  • Silent
  • Tool-less installation
  • Multi socket compatability



  • Dual fan size/height
  • Mounting hardware
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