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Silenx Ixtrema Review

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Closer Look:  

The Silenx Ixtrema CPU Cooler is a very unique looking piece of equipment as it utilizes the tower design that has been very well proven in the past to be a great way to cool an overclocked processor, especially when it is used in an active setup, which is why Silenx has included a large 120mm fan to cool the fins. There are fifty-five thin fins that are spaced very closely together to allow enough air to pass through them to cool it. Both the front, as well as the back, of the the Ixtrema look exactly the same. The cooler itself is very thin, which makes me a wonder exactly how effective the cooling is going to be. On the sides of the cooler there is a depression that increases the amount of surface area the heatsink has, allowing more heat to be transfered from the processor to the fins. There are four very thick heatpipes that come out of the base of the cooler and travel all the way up through the array of fins, allowing for the heat to be effectively transferred.  










When you install both of the 120mm fans on the Silenx Ixtrema, you are able to see that the cooler has become quite a bit thicker, which in some situations may be difficult to install on your motherboard, however it does allow the processor to be more effectively cooled.  




When you take a look at the cooler from an overhead view, you will be able to see that Silenx has decided to polish the top to add a little bit of cosmetic value to the cooler and add its company name, that way you will know exactly who is cooling your computer. You can see that all four of the heatpipes that pass through the entire cooler are evenly spaced as they pass through the the large number of fins mounted on them, which will ensure uniform cooling all over the cooler. The base of the cooler is very interesting as the copper heatpipes are visible and have direct contact with the IHS of the processor, allowing for a better transfer from the processor to the heatpipes.  



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