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SilenX 80mm Case Fans Review


In the quest to reduce noise in our PC most people start at the single loudest source of noise - the heat sink and fan unit. After replacing that old school high RPM screamer often leads to finding other parts in your case that can help to aid in silencing the beast. I recently received a low noise cooler, and I was aware of a big difference overall, but I felt the need to reduce my PC noise even more.

So, let�s replace my Antec LED 80 mm case fans with the SilenX 80mm fans. The biggest difference between the 2 fans is the rated noise levels of each fan. The Antec is rated at 30 dBA while the SilenX fans have a rating of between 11.8/14.4 dBA depending on fan RPM. That�s a mighty big difference, and a BIG earful of noise that you won�t have to deal with. (Fun Fact: According to the decibel scale, though they differ by only ~15 decibels, the Antec fan is really about 32 times the actual auditory level higher then the SilenX fan!)

I was expecting my system temperatures and possibly even my CPU temperatures to rise slightly because we�ve come to expect silence is a bit of a giveaway for performance. To my surprise, temperatures on both the system and CPU didn�t change one bit. Under normal use, the fans stayed around 1700RPM while the system was idling, after 24 hours of Prime95 the fans had only increased to 1900RPM. SilenX states that the thermistor responds to temperatures from 20-100°C with the last speed increase happening around 50-60°C. Holding a lighter to the thermistor finally kicked it into high gear running at a max of 2320RPM using the Winbond hardware monitor.

Without a doubt these are the best fans I have ever had the pleasure of using. The overall reduction in noise was unbelievable, and the best part of it all is the temperatures never increased. SilenX really did their homework designing a low noise case fan. These fans will be right at home in an HTPC or any case where noise reduction is needed. If your case happens to use different size fans SilenX has you covered with sizes from 60mm to 120mm with the same 14.4 dBA or lower.

Be aware though - some fans found on eBay and from some resellers may be counterfeit and don�t have a true 14.4 dBA noise output. For a list of approved resellers check out the SilenX site.


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