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SilenX 80mm Case Fans Review


In-Depth Look

The fan looks like your standard black 80mm case fan, but with substantial differences. These include Hypro bearings, shaped thinner fan blades, and temperature controlled fan speed. All these features help to aid in the fans maximum 14.4dBA.

Hypro bearings are a modified sleeve bearing; sleeve bearings are notorious for short-life span due to their small lubricant storage and great surface area of contact. Traditional sleeve bearings have an O-ring and washer that are always in contact with the fan shaft. Hypro bearings however, are missing the O-ring and washer; the fan shaft spins freely in a container of lubricant while the magnetic field keeps the fan shaft centered in place. This gives you the long life span of ball bearing fan with the reduction in vibration and lower RPM sleeve bearings offer.

The fans come wired with a 3-pin connector; I would have liked to have seen a 4 pin Molex connector standard with the option for a 4-to-3 pin converter, or the option to order either a 4 pin or 3 pin connector. Also attached to the fan is a thermistor to control fan speed as heat inside the case increases. This is a great feature for people without a fan controller.

SilenX also included vibration isolation mounts -basically silicon plugs. This is a great feature to have as it even further helps to reduce overall noise and vibration. SilenX sells the isolation mounts separately in packs of twenty if fan vibration is a problem with your PC.


I only had one spot that I could use the vibration isolation mounts on the side panel of my Chieftec case. Installing them could not have been any easier, and the fact you don�t need a screwdriver is a nice touch. I would have liked to use the rubber mounts for the other four fans, but my case has plastic fan attachment brackets for intake and exhaust.

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