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SilenX 400 Watt Power Supply Unit Review


In-Depth Look

Well, this came to me wrapped in plastic in a basic brown box, and after sorting through the foam, we have...

Looks very nice - comes equipped with 6 4pin Molex connectors, 2 FDD connectors, a 20pin ATX, a 6pin AUX (when will they get rid of these?), and a 4pin 12V connector. The Molex/FDD connectors are set up as: 2 lines w/ 2 Molex 2 lines w/ 1 Molex, 1 FDD Kind of a strange setup if you ask me, but it worked out with my system setup, which was nice. None of the wires are sleeved, unfortunately. Pre-sleeved 20pin ATX cables are always a bonus, because sleeving them is often a difficult chore.

Now that we've seen the inside, lets take a look at what makes this thing tick. This would be an excellent place for a warning. If you don't know what you're doing (and most of the time, even if you do) DON'T DO THIS! Taking the cover off voids the warranty, but more importantly, even when it isn't plugged in, there's enough juice inside these things to seriously injure, if not kill you. So, take a look at my pictures and keep yer fingers out! Alright, so, looking at the guts of this thing, you can see its a very streamlined setup. Its packed in there, but its an excellent job keeping space open for airflow.

And stuck into the PSUs heatspreaders, you can see the thermistor for the SilenX fan. This is a good place to leave it, when the PSU is on, you can tell where it is placed is one of the warmer places on the PSU, allowing the fan to cool at proper speeds.

And, speaking of the fan, here it is. Its an 80mm SilenX Thermistor fan. Dual Ball bearing, and stuck into the PSU with rubber plugs to further minimize noise from vibration. Now, the problem with this is that rubber plugs are a bit thicker then normal screws, making for a tight fit in some cases. In mine, however, it was no problem.

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