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Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific (PC)

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Silent Hunter 4 is an excellent game that looks like it got rushed to release just a little too fast. It has fluid gameplay when you can get to the dirty stuff, and the graphics are very well done, even though you cant get higher than 1024 x 768. The first day I installed it, I found myself in front of my monitor sinking enemy ships for hours at a time, watching them slowly sink away, still trying to shoot at you, even though their guns were pointing to the sky. Or I'd sit there watching them blowing up and sinking in pieces so fast, it was sometimes hard to even get a screenshot. Often I would even watch so long, I would forget to look behind me and get sunk myself by a remaining enemy ship. All in all, I would rate this game high on the to-buy list. Patch it first before playing and hope they have another patch soon to take care of the loose ends.



  • Amazing environment and effects
  • Realistic movements and controls
  • Multiplayer options
  • Simple method to control realism
  • Stuff blows up! What else can you ask for?



  • Time compression is too buggy
  • Framerates and lag at high compression get old
  • No control to filter some content
  • Load times are very long, and there are 2 screens!



  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Closer Look (Quick Missions)
  4. System Requirements & Screenshots
  5. Conclusion
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