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Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific (PC)

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Closer Look (continued):

I decided to start out my career as a ship commander. Looking around my office I see the usual items, as well as a steaming cup of coffee on the desk. There are books for saved games, a Captain's log book to keep track of victories, and a nice wooden box to hold future medals. By clicking on the large map on the wall, you get your first assignment, spy duty. You might think spy duty sounds a little dull, but in Silent Hunter, they don't care how many boats you sink on your way in, or even on your way out. My first thought was to take out everything on the way in and snap a few pictures end of mission. However, they don't end the mission until you are home; something I didn't count on, as I was sneaking around search party after search party that were looking for me on my way out.

The graphic realism in Silent Hunter is some of the best I have seen to date. Surfacing your sub in a storm cause waves to pour (yes, pour) over the deck. The water glistens in the sun and shimmers in the moonlight. Put up the periscope when you're a little deeper than periscope depth, and you can actually watch the waves flow over your lense, then they slowly pour down as it clears again. Take out a fishing boat with your deck gun and watch as flames spread and engulf the whole ship. People on the decks of enemy boats will duck as you fire on them or fall over dead with the explosions rattling their boat. Blow a hole in their bow big enough to drive your sub through and, as the boat starts to sink Titanic-style, you can watch the commanders scramble for a life raft. Score a direct hit and you may be graced with a gigantic explosion that fills your screen from the destroyer you just took out. Shoot the tail off a bomber flying overhead and watch the plane spin out of control with all the glorious flaming wreckage. If you're like me, you'll look for new ways to take out every single enemy, just so you can see what new graphical animation occurs.





Once back in your base for a refit after you have completed a mission, you have a few options:

  • Upgrade weapons and/or move them around if you have enough points from sinking ships.
  • Replace or move crewmen, if you sadly had a few lives lost. Your crew gets faster and more efficient the longer they are under your command, so avoid this if you can.
  • Refill torpedo bays (this is not automatic, as I found out the hard way, heading out on my next mission with no torpedos).

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Closer Look (Quick Missions)
  4. System Requirements & Screenshots
  5. Conclusion
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