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Coolink Silentator Heatpipe Cooler

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The Coolink Silentator was an eye-opener for me. After recently purchasing the Scythe Ninja and loving it, I was skeptical about whether the Silentator would live up to its claim of being a decent cooler and remaining silent while doing so. As the tests conclude, the Silentator can punch within its weight and compete with the big boys. While some of the temperatures measured are perhaps higher than in many other reviews conducted, bear in mind that these tests were performed with almost silent systems. Had I put in a few Tornado 80mm’s here and there, I have no doubt that temperatures would be lower, but this review wasn’t about that – it was about great cooling with low noise. That and the fact that my Lian Li PC-60 is clearly cramped, shows that even in adverse conditions, decent temperatures were achieved with near-silence.

I was very impressed with the standard accessories included with the Silentator. Bundling a screwdriver, a fan controller and a 3-pin to Molex adaptor was great, but the additional fan kit mounts were the icing on the cake. Not that I could see how a second fan would help, it’s just the thought that counts and Coolink really have thought about this cooler. The bundled fan is easily my favorite aspect of the Silentator – it exceeded my expectations by a country mile. (Don’t forget that if you purchase the Silentator you will need to choose your own mounting type, as only one will be included)

My only gripes were that the required back-plate made the installation a bit awkward and frustrating at times, while the sheer size of the unit caused problems with clearance. After learning the hard way, I can say that the mounting system is really quite exceptional and very secure – worth the hard slog for such a firmly mounted unit.

The size issue does raise a few other problems, though. If you choose to mount the cooler facing the rear of your case, you run the risk of not being able to install a vertical Northbridge chipset. If you choose to mount the cooler facing the power supply, you run the risk of covering your DDR RAM slots, which is a real pain, too.

I also wonder that if this cooler is aimed at those wanting quieter machines, that those who want a standard HTPC case that is slim and much like a Hi-Fi separates unit will have no chance in using this cooler. However, those willing to sacrifice the slender case and fatten up a bit, will no doubt love the cooling capability of the Coolink Silentator.

The Silentator really does do what it says on the box. It is quiet and efficient – something that is not often achieved without some compromise. Those of you who are looking to build an HTPC or a ‘silent’ machine would be wise to consider the Coolink Silentator. In fact, if you are considering any new cooler at all, I would shortlist the Silentator without shadow of a doubt.


  • Excellent bundled accessories
  • Unique and strong mounting system
  • Superb bundled fan
  • Practically inaudible fan at low/medium fan speed
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Great performer, at both stock and overclocked settings



  • Mounting system is a little awkward to install
  • Motherboard must be removed for installation
  • Case width clearance issues
  • Northbridge/ memory are obstructed depending upon  orientation
  • Some motherboards may have capacitor clearance issues
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