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Coolink Silentator Heatpipe Cooler

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Closer Look:

As the Silentator was removed from the cardboard surround, I finally saw the rather elegant looking 120mm fan. The 3-pin fan cable was sleeved too, which was a nice touch. I noticed that the fan was mounted well, with the two anti-vibration strips correctly applied. The copper heatpipes were welded to the copper base and aluminum fins well, with no signs of poor quality.







The obligatory warning sticker is applied to the copper base and when removed, shows the machining finish left from manufacturing. To the finger, these ridges were quite subtle, but were felt a little more clearly by fingernail.



Being a reviewer, Coolink has provided me with 3 different mounting kits and a required mounting kit (pressure springs and fastening brackets). These were for LGA 775, AM2 and K8 (754, 939 and 940). However, as a consumer, you must choose which kit you need before purchasing, as the Silentator will be available in one of these three varieties. Coolink also provide a mounting bracket for a fan controller, as well as a long steel screwdriver with a 90 degree bend in it. This is required for mounting in some cases, as the mounting bolt must be accessed from through the cooler itself (seen later). Some extra goodies include a 3-pin fan to Molex adaptor (in the event that you don’t have a spare motherboard 3-pin header), some thermal paste and a second fan mounting kit. The Silentator allows for two 120mm fans to be attached. Very generous. Finally, a lovely booklet is included with a rubbery case sticker. The book was the part that made me laugh – “...my computer is so silent that I can hear the snowflakes falling.”





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