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Sigma Unicorn Review

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The Sigma Unicorn's appearance appeals to me because I am a huge fan of all-black cases. I think that the smoked-out window is a wonderful addition and it definitely seperates this case from the competition. I especially like the feature of being able pull down both sides of the case for easy access to your components. The only downside to this is that with my aftermarket CPU heatsink, I was not able to close the motherboard tray without it hitting on the top of the case. This made it difficult to install the CPU heatsink and completely eliminates the possibility of me being able to pull that side of the case down to get easy access to the motherboard. The steel arm that goes across the middle of the case with a fan on the end of it is an excellent idea. It was cool to be able to secure the video card in place and cool it at the same time. The temperatures dropped roughly two degrees Celsius with the fan spot on the video card. The hard drive tray took a few tries to open it without any issues, so I can't mark it down. The tool-less system for the optical drives was an interesting system that I've never had on a case of my own. Basically, you fit two pins in the screw holes on the optical drive and then lock them into place by turning the plastic piece between the pins. It didn't seem to be very sturdy at first, but after checking it and using it, everything works fine. Overall, I enjoy the black and red color combination of the mid tower Sigma Unicorn. If you like the looks and you don't have a huge aftermarket CPU cooler, then you'll love this case and all of its features!



  • Looks
  • Steel arm with GPU fan
  • Tool-Less
  • Both sides pull down
  • Tinted window
  • 120mm fans, in and out



  • Tall aftermarket CPU heatsinks keep the motherboard tray from being closed


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