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Sigma Unicorn Review

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Closer Look:

The Working Components:

As mentioned earlier, both sides of the case can be pulled down by a latch on the top of each side panel. Now we get a closer look at the steel arm that goes across the case and puts a fan right up next to your video card to give it fresh air and cool it off a little bit. "Sigma" is painted in red on this black piece of steel. There are three separate compartments on the inside of the case. One is for the optical drives, the second is for floppy drives, and the third is the hard drive cage. Under the hard drive cage is a small red toolbox that we'll open up soon.









The other side of the case can also be pulled down by opening the latch on top of the panel. As expected, the motherboard tray is connected to this panel; this makes it easy to get to the motherboard quickly and painlessly. There were some major clearance issues with my giant Thermaltake V1 CPU heatsink, so you should check to see if your aftermarket heatsink will clear your power supply when you try to close the side panel. Once you remove the hard drive cage, you'll see that the 120mm red LED fan in the front is blowing fresh air on the hard drives. Under the hard drive cage is that red box that I mentioned earlier. Inside of this red box is where you'll find the clips for the hard drives so that they slid into the hard drive cage, extra screws, and a motherboard speaker cable that you attach to the speaker ports on your motherboard's front panel pins section.




When you remove the front bezel from the case, you'll notice that it is just a steel frame with holes for cables and air to travel through. Also, notice the 120mm red LED fan mounted on the bottom. On the side of the motherboard tray, you can fit an 80mm fan inside of the designated slot, but a fan isn't included.



Let's go ahead and test the case to see how well it performs.

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