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Sigma Shark 635 Watt ATX Power Supply Review



I have to say I am one of those guys who likes the flashy light stuff inside my case, so this power supply got my attention rather quickly. It wasn't until I was actually using it that I fell in love with it. It does the job and it does it well. This just goes to show that you can get a great power supply for not a lot of cash, so stop looking at those sub par $30 ones and get yourself a decent power supply. This unit cost the same or less than the other two it was compared to and kept either on-par or better then them. Even under load, this unit kept its cool and gave me the power I needed to stress the system without any hiccups. I like how Sigma brought together flashiness with performance, which you don't see much of these days. It is usually either the looks or the performance, but not both. They come in black and silver and in 635W and 585W versions for any need.

I would highly recommend this power supply to anyone that is looking for an inexpensive unit that is on-par with more costly ones. It will give you enough power to run virtually any setup from the workstation to the high-end gaming rig. This PSU took everything I threw at it and kept its cool the whole time, never leaving me needing more power. The Sigma Shark is a definite keeper in my system.



  • Pre-wrapped with mesh cable covers
  • Ample wattage for gaming systems
  • Two blue LED fans for style and cooling
  • Heat dissipating body to keep the PSU very cool
  • Enough connectors to run any system you need



  • Would have been nice to have modular cables for better management
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