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Shuttle SN85G4 XPC Review


After seeing the performance punch the Shuttle delivered at stock speeds, I was excited to see what the Shuttle could do overclocked. The Corsair memory used for the stock testing was replaced with one 512MB stick of Kingston HyperX PC3500. The corsair was limited to a Speed of 217MHz and wasn’t fast enough to find the limit of the system. With the HyperX I was able to overclock the system to 232 MHz system buss for a speed 2320MHz. I had to drop the LDT speed to 2X to achieve system stability, and I also raised the CPU voltage to 1.60 and the LDT voltage to 1.50. Fan speed had to be set to full or prime95 crashed after a few hours. I was very impressed with the overclock achieved considering the small size of the SN85G4.

Shuttle really has a hit on their hands with the XPC line of SFF PC’s. I now see why Shuttle is the leader in the SFF market. Shuttle has done a great job in the layout of the whole system considering the small amount of room to work with. Not only do you get Stylish looks for such a small system, but you also get blazing fast performance to boot.

The SN85G4 would make an awesome LAN box. Paired up with a 9800pro the SN85G4 will handle any current and future games very well. The lightweight and performance of the SN85G4 makes this a great choice for a people who frequent LAN’s. The SN85G4 will also make powerful HTPC with the optional remote and 802.11b wireless LAN.

Overclocking was very easy and I was surprised at how well the SN85G4 overclocked considering its size and single fan. The performance of the Athlon64 and SN85G4 will surely put a smile on the face of any hardcore gamer, even at stock speeds. If your tired of carrying that heavy full size tower to LAN’s and looking to upgrade I highly suggest you take a look at the SN85G4.


  • Performance
  • Size
  • Detailed instructions
  • Cooling System
  • Sleek and Stylish


  • PSU exhaust
  • The fan is loud on higher settings

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