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Shuttle SN85G4 XPC Review


The included manual makes putting the system together a cinch. The manual is so detailed a first time computer builder should not feel intimidated at all. You have big clear pictures detailing each step needed to get the system up and running.

To install the CPU you will need to first need to remove the fan housing. After removing the fan housing, unclip the retention mechanism. You can now remove the I.C.E cooling system in insert the CPU into the socket. Then just simply snap the retention mechanism back into place, and replace the fan housing and plug the fan up to the motherboard header.

After the installing the CPU the next step in the manual is Memory. Since I decided to use Corsairs PRO series of memory, this required removing the PSU since the PRO series has rather large Heat spreaders. Standard size memory does not require the removal of the PSU.


Simply remove the hard drive cage, and install the hard drive. Then attach the IDE connector to the hard drive and slide it back in securing it with a screw. Also install the secondary IDE cable and route it thru the top


I ran into a slight problem installing the video card because I have a double slot Zaleman ZM80A-hp. This will also affect owners of the Geforce FX cards with Double slot cooling. The larger profile of the Zaleman prevents you from installing the case cover. Single slot cooling cards will no have clearance issues with the case cover. While looking around our case gallery I found a cool mod by one of our members, Will Smith you can see the mod here.

  1. Installation & Specifications
  2. Closer Look
  3. Closer Look (Continued)
  4. BIOS
  5. Installation & Setup
  6. System & Memory Benchmarks
  7. Gaming Benchmarks
  8. Overclocking & Conclusion
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