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Shuttle SB95P V2 XPC Review


The Shuttle SB95P V2 XPC was definitely built for the power users who are seeking every ounce of performance. The beefed up power supply unit, PCI-Express, DDR2 memory, and upgraded cooling system makes this box appeal to the power users, gamers, and overclockers alike. While the cables inside could have been neater, I was still pleased with the layout inside. Shuttle made it very easy to swap out hard drives and replace the memory card reader with a floppy drive. More and more motherboard manufactures are installing CMOS reset switches on the back of the motherboard, for easy access. This Shuttle box was no exception, we found the reset switch very handy while tweaking the bios during our testing. I was very pleased with the performance that the SB95P V2 offered over my current Althon 64 setup. I had absolutely no stability issues and the box ran a LOT cooler than any other SFF PC I've seen, thanks to the new cooling system Shuttle has designed.

The bottom line is, If you're seeking a SFF box with a beefy setup then be sure to take a second look at the Shuttle SB95P V2 - you really can't go wrong.


  • Performance
  • Appearance
  • Stability
  • Configurability



  • Voltage Settings

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