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Maxtor Shared Storage II 1Terabyte Network Hard Drive

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For me, this was the most difficult part. Once you get the program installed, you’ll be prompted to set up the administrative rights. After starting the program, a pop-up asks you to set this up by clicking the “Manage” button. After you click the button, your internet browser will open and connect to the drive’s IP address and give you a bunch of options to configure your drive.





When the browser opens, it automatically directs you to do the quick setup, which is very easy. First, you have to set the date, time and location. Then you’ll be prompted to enter the desired name of the drive, workgroup it belongs in, and you’ll also setup the administrative password at this time.



The options you have in the browser are to set up the accounts, permissions, folder management, manage digital content, and system status. The first thing I did was setup a guest account, which couldn’t have been easier. I made the account and modified its permissions to folders on the drive. For example, I made a folder named “Movies” which is where I am going to put all of my movies. I made this folder a read-only folder for guests because I don’t want them changing anything.



Throughout my configuration, I tried to do everything in the browser, which was a really bad idea. I found that the best way to make an account was in the EasyManage program.  So what I did was created a private account named “Nick1” and I set a password for it. Once I was done, the program made a shortcut on my desktop so that I could double-click it, enter the password and see everything the folder has within it.



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