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Sentey Phoenix Extreme Gamer Series Keyboard Review

Category: Input Devices
Price: $49.99
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Sentey Phoenix Extreme Gamer Series Keyboard Introduction:

We recently took a look at a Sentey product, away from the usual Case or PSU that Sentey is well known for and had some fun with the Aphelion Elite Gamer Series Mouse. It wasn't the most impressing of mice on the market, but wasn't completely bottom of the barrel either. Sentey didn't quite get the better of first impressions with me on this mouse so here I am again for ROUND 2 with Sentey.

This time, we'll be looking at the Sentey Phoenix Extreme Gamer Series Keyboard. From the looks of it, this keyboard is the lowest end of the five keyboard on the Sentey website despite its misleading name (better than "Elite Series"). However, cheapest doesn't mean that the keyboard won't be any good – it just means we are looking at the most affordable version of what Sentey considers user consumable. It doesn't mean it isn't better than some of the higher end models, and it sure doesn't mean it won't be the most spectacular keyboard you've had yet.

So now that we have that in mind, we can look at this $50 keyboard with the right perspectives, it's drawn for the affordable market, and still for us who want to game on something a little better than that $10 Wally-world keyboard we're clacking away on. So let us move on now and get to know what the Sentey Phoenix Extreme Gamer Series Keyboard has (or doesn't have) to offer.

Closer Look:

The box for the Phoenix is a bit of a fancy box. You'll later notice the software package is mocked up after the flaming explosion on the front of the box here. The Phoenix name gives thought to a re-birth of affordable keyboard and real images of the keyboard on the box give hope to this being truth. Expensive box design was shown in the last Sentey product, and it seems to be the "norm". I appreciate a good looking box, but I'd rather not incur the cost of making it. The back of the box shows a more direct look of the keyboard (top down), but leaves you wondering if you really flipped it over. Honestly, I thought this was the front of the box when I first picked it up. Thankfully, the opening portion of the box got me straight there. The back of the box shows the features, pictures of the included shwag, and the keyboard travel bag.



Jumping on the shwag – the Phoenix comes with just as much to please you as the Sentey Aphelion did. You get your big gaming poster, VIP card, driver disk, mini bag for the extra key caps, a key puller, a door hanger, two stickers for the beer fridge, and a carry bag for the keyboard; oh and a keyboard! Even if the shwag is there just to grab my attention, I'm a sucker and I love it! That's why CES is awesome, but I am a bit better when it comes with my products. It puts a new face on me by forcing me to be even more scrutinous of the product when I feel like I'm being bought off with this $50 product and "bonus goods". Enjoy it while it's here – in the rest of the review we shall ignore its existence and enjoy the product inside, the Phoenix!


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