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Sentey Burton Review

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First off, I want to say that the Sentey Burton is probably one of the neatest cases on the inside that I have ever worked with. The paint quality is phenomenal, there are awesome wire management capabilities, and the lighting is just right. I do wish there was a side panel window to show off the great looking insides though! Sentey in fact offers cases with side panel windows, but the majority of the other models in the "Extreme Division" have side panels very much like, if not identical, to the Burton. The red, black, and silver interior is a good look and I like it a lot. The case is nearly silent, but pays a little bit of a price due to the lack of airflow that the low-RPM fans can produce.

As seen in the results, the CPU and GPU temperatures, both idle and load, were fairly average compared to the rest of the cases. On the other side, the chipset temperatures stood closely within first place, most likely due to the direct airflow provided from the two 80mm fans on the side. The case certainly shouldn't overheat if used properly, but the fans still lack a little bit of power. The great wiring setup already in place from the factory is very convenient, but I would have liked to see some higher powered fans with the ability to control their speeds. The wiring is already there, all Sentey would need to do is replace the toggle switches with speed knobs! A downside to this pre-wiring is that changing the fans to new ones wouldn't be very simple and probably not worth the effort to most enthusiasts. The hard drive cages do a great job at concealing the hard drives and offer a great place to stick excess wires and cables, but the performance hit from them being enclosed also shows in the results.

Overall, I'd like to give Sentey a thumbs-up for this case. It is good looking, has an awesome paint job, has great wire management offerings, and performs decently. For the price, I would like to see more fan options and maybe hard drive cages that offer more cross flow from the front intake fan rather than being completely closed off. Also, it'd be great to be able to show off the great looking insides with a side panel window. If Sentey turns out to offer a case with the aforementioned characteristics, I'll bump up an extra thumb to make it two!



  • Great wire management
  • Built-in multi-card reader
  • Self-concealing 5.25" drive covers
  • Lots of I/O ports



  • Surface fingerprints very easily
  • Enclosed hard drive cages negatively affect temperatures


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