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Sentey Aphelion Elite Gamer Series Mouse Review

BluePanda    -   May 12, 2014
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The software is an interesting bit. The box comes with a mini-CD, something you may have not seen in a while. I tend to opt-out on the optical drive and go for a more direct method either via flash drive or internet download. The first time I went to the Sentey website to get the drivers, the site was, sadly, down. I'd assume it was a fluke as the next day it was back up and ready to go. However, downloading the files for the driver and software, Chrome marked the file as "not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous". I'd assume it's because it's a new product and a zip file at that, but it doesn't look good when you get a big red flag on download for some mouse software.

Anyway, putting all that aside, the software downloaded and installed rather quickly and couldn't be much simpler of an application. It looks as if it were a simple GUI written by a summer intern, but props to them for getting their work launched!

I won't spend much time here as it's all rather self-explanatory. The software basically lets you set buttons to your desires (all except for left click). The options are all listed on one page and do allow for Macro setup, which is just a tiny popup window where you can press/click what you want. The sensitivity options allows you to set each of the 4 levels of DPI. You can set "DEFAULT" for either buttons or sensitivity if you somehow mess things up that bad. Otherwise, it's pretty straight forward and I think you can handle it! 







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