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Seagate FreeAgent Go 640GB & FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra 500GB Mobile Hard Drive Review

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Closer Look:

FreeAgent Go 640GB:

Each drive has included Seagate's software suite, which offers different utilities such as backup, sync, and even encryption services. The first drive we are going to look at is the Seagate FreeAgent Go 640GB. This drive's software is only compatible with Windows PC based systems. While MAC OS X and Linux will be able to access the drive for storage, they will not be able to benefit from the additional resources that the drive has to offer, such as backup and sync. The main menu you come to is " My Drives", which is where you can change your settings for the drive, perform tests, and see how much space you have left.













The second tab is the Backup tab. This tab allows you to setup scheduled backups and restore if needed. You can choose what files, folders, or drives that you want to backup.



The third tab is the Sync tab. In this section you can specify a folder or folders to sync to the drive every time you connect. This way you can keep extra backups or even have those files available for portable use.



The last tab is the Security tab. This utility creates an encrypted container on your drive which you can add files to and protect them from getting into the wrong hands. The files are stored using 128-bit AES encryption, so you know your data is safe and secure.




FreeAgent GoFlex 500GB:

The GoFlex series drives come with similar software that the Go series has, with a few exceptions. The GoFlex can be used on both Windows based PCs as well as MAC computers. When you plug in the drive the folder will have both the .exe for PC and the .dmg for MAC. Choose your install and you are prompted on the software to install. The device comes with Memeo Instant Backup for free; however, Premium Backup and the other utilities are paid services now. You have the option to install the trials if wanted but they are not standard as with the Go series.



The main menu for the GoFlex is a bit different, but does the same thing. There are still the tabs for the selections, but with less effort to run the services. Once you click the service you want, that service will pop up for you, allowing you to keep on task.


The backup and other utilities are pretty straight forward. Each one will launch the task needed for you to complete.



Now that we have seen the hardware and software for the drives, let's see how they perform.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look: (Free Agent Go 640GB)
  2. Closer Look: (FreeAgent Go Ultra 500GB)
  3. Closer Look: Drive Software
  4. Specifications & Features:
  5. Testing:
  6. Conclusion:
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