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Seagate 2TB Barracuda SATA 3 6Gbps Review

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Testing has confirmed that the latest drive from Seagate does offer a slight performance boost, but not what you would think from the latest technology. It's not a Eureka moment! However, Seagate has even said that the technology is early and performance will increase in the future as the technology matures and operating systems and applications are optimized for the technology. That being said, the 2TB Barracuda finished ahead of the last generation Seagate 7200.11 1.5 TB drive in just about every category when attached to both interfaces. As more and more of the content we enjoy becomes available, such as HD movies, music and those treasured family photos you have to have somewhere to store it all. With a capacity of 2TB this drive should be able to hold more than enough digital content. At this point, I am still trying to fill a 1.5TB drive. Having an asking price of $299, this drive will set you back a few pennies more than the cost of current 1-1.5TB drives by a pretty substantial margin. You can pick up three 1TB Seagate drives for a cool twenty bucks less than the Barracuda XT and get an additional 1TB of space. As one of a few 2TB drives on the market, and the only one with the 6Gb/s interface, the Barracuda XT is poised to take advantage of the interface as the technology matures. Seagate has introduced a total of three 2TB drives that do range in price from $139 for the LP (Low Power) version, aimed squarely at the attached external storage and low power all-in-one PC, to the $199 7200 series drive aimed at the mainstream user, to the Barracuda XT, targeted at the high performance user. As such, it is the only one of the three drives that comes with the 6Gb/s interface. Currently, only a handful of motherboards offer native 6Gb/s support and are manufactured by both ASUS and Gigabyte. Surely more will come, however! The Barracuda XT comes with a five year warranty, so if the unthinkable happens, at least the drive can be replaced. Whether the cost for performance is worth the added cost at this point is up to the end user. The drive is faster, but was not a game changing part - at least, not at this time.


  • Performance increase over previous generation
  • 64MB Cache
  • Large capacity
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Not a massive performance improvement
  • Price
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