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Scythe Kamakaze Heatsink Review



The most important part the overclocked test; this can make or break a heat sink. I was really impressed by the temps the Kamakaze was getting with the increased speed and. Voltage. The aero7+ just couldn’t keep up, with the Kamakaze taking the load test by 3.3c load and 4.6c idle, using the lowest fan setting the Kamakaze showed great results. 4.6c load and 7.4c idle. From the temps taken you can see that the Kamakaze is a very efficient heat sink at no matter what fan speed you use.

Well for a heat sink marketed towards silence the Scythe Kamakaze sure hit a bull’s eye with this one. Even at full speed the fan is fairly quiet, much quieter than the aero7+ it was up against. The look and build of the heat sink is not the best I’ve seen, but the performance more than makes up for that. Considering some of the other silent heatsink prices, this heatsink is a great deal for the level of performance you get. I would like to thank Quiet PC for sending me this awesome heat sink to review; it will now be replacing my aero7+ for silence and cooling.


  • Cooling
  • Quiet
  • Fan Controller
  • Installation
  • Price


  • Build
  • Lapped Base

Thanks to Quiet PC for providing us with this heat sink to review.

  1. Introduction, Specifications & In-Depth Look
  2. In-Depth Look
  3. Installation & Testing
  4. Testing (contenued) & Conclusion
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