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Scythe Kamakaze Heatsink Review


In-Depth Look

Included was a standard black 80mm 2 ball bearing fan which was labeled by Sycthe. The fan is rated at 13.6-34cfm, and between 16-37dba, it also adds a rheobus to control the fan speed. It can only be mounted in an empty pci slot which might be a turnoff to some people. The fan connects thru a 4 pin Molex connecter, and has a 3pin fan connector to the motherboards fan heard to monitor rpm.

The base of the heat sink came with a protective plastic sticker to ensure no damage to the base during shipping.

Scythe decided to take the copper/aluminum approach with this heat sink, with copper being able to absorb the heat better, and the aluminum being able to disperse the heat faster. There are a total of 490 aluminum pins measuring 2x1.5mm each pin.

The base had a dull shine to it and running your fingers across it you could still fell the ridges from the milling process. More time lapping the finish would have resulted in less milling marks and a smoother finish.

The Kamakaze uses a new type of clipping method; the clip itself is installed to the heat sink by screws. It uses a 3 lug type clip to attach to the Ziff sockets 6 cleats, and uses screws to tighten the retention mechanism down on the Ziff socket.

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