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Scythe Zipang 139MM CPU Cooler Review

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When I first looked at the Zipang in its packaging, I was somewhat leery. However, as soon as I took a look at the unit the situation became clear. The Zipang is rock solid in construction, with superb design and materials! It has a huge, slow moving fan, to move lots of air at low noise levels, and a nickel plated base. It really does not, at first glance, seem like a $55 heatsink at all. Surprisingly, it earns its keep.

The Zipang's performance reflected its stocky build. It is very short and compact in comparison to the massive Tuniq Tower 120, giving it a run for its money. Furthermore, it does this almost dead silently! With the large wingspan, the Zipang provides not only silent cooling for the CPU, but for the motherboard components around the CPU socket area as well. The memory and chipset heatsinks gain the additional cooling based on the sheer surface area it covers. All in all, the Scythe Zipang is an excellent choice for those who want great performance at amazingly quiet noise levels in a compact package.



  • Awesome Quality
  • Great Performance
  • Extremely Silent
  • Short in Size
  • Good Price



  • Funky Box
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