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Scythe Shuriken Low Profile CPU Cooler Review

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The Scythe Shuriken Low Profile CPU Cooler is one that is able to be used in many different setups that you may have. It could be used in a large case, or a smaller case that does not have much overhead clearance, such as an HTPC. For the size of this cooler, I was surprised at the cooling capability that it yielded. It was able to beat out the other low profile coolers that I have used in the past, as well as the stock Intel heatsink/fan setup that comes with retail processors. It did fall short when it comes to the larger heatsinks, which is to be expected, seeing as those coolers do have a larger surface area and are able to draw heat from the processor and cool it with a larger fan. The fact that this cooler comes in at a price of around $30, makes it a good bargain for someone looking to upgrade from the stock cooler or building an HTPC. The versatility between CPU socket types also makes this cooler very valuable to someone who has multiple setups, or upgrades their system frequently. The three heatpipes that are made of copper made the transfer of heat from the base to the fins very effective, which is another great feature of this cooler. I was very impressed to see that the base of the cooler is made out of copper with a nickle plating, which makes heat transfer between the processor and the cooler. However, Scythe did do a great job with making the base very flat and smooth. If you are looking to build an HTPC, or you just want to get a new cooler for your processor that will not extend all the way to the side panel, I would look at getting the Scythe Shuriken Low Profile CPU cooler, as it performed very well and does not carry a heavy price tag.



  • Universal socket design
  • Price
  • Flat/smooth base
  • Three heatpipes
  • Temperatures (when compared to low profile coolers)
  • Compact size
  • Copper Base



  • Temperatures (when compared to other possible coolers)


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