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Scythe Shuriken Low Profile CPU Cooler Review

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Closer Look:  


When you decide which VTMS clip you want to use for your specific setup, all you need to do is press it up against the side of the cooler, line it up with the grooves and it will lock in, giving you the mounting that is necessary. I have already mounted the LGA 775 clips on the cooler. When you take a look at the Scythe Shuriken Low Profile CPU Cooler from the sides, you are able to see that not only is this cooler very short, it also packs a ton of features into itself. There is a decent sized heatsink, that connects to the base of the cooler to draw heat off the processor. This is backed up by having three copper heat pipes running from one end of the fins on the top, to the other end passing through the heatsink on the bottom and making direct contact with the base of the cooler. Scythe ended up being able to pack in a total of 53 fins on the top of this cooler, which allow for maximum heat dissipation.  









When you take a look at the cooler from a "top" view, you are able to see that the 100mm fan is able to cover all 53 of the fins that are located on the cooler. This will allow for better cooling capabilities, by being able to effectively cool all of the fins and heatpipes, allowing for more heat to be displaced to these parts. When you take a look at the bottom of the cooler, you are able to see that the three heatpipes do cross over the base of the cooler and through the heatsink, which allows for more transfer of heat. Speaking of the base, when your eyes look at that, you will be blinded, due to the fact that the suface of the base has one of the most reflective finishes that I have seen on a cooler, without having been lapped by hand. 



Now that we know what the cooler looks like, it's time to see what makes this cooler tick, as well as how it will perform when put up against some of the other coolers out on the market.  

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