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Scythe Ninja 2 Review

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What is there to say about the Scythe Ninja 2 besides the fact that it not only looks good but can perform quite well! I was quite surprised when it came down to the testing, that the Scythe Ninja 2 CPU cooler was only beaten by the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme. Scythe has done something quite well with the release of the Ninja 2, as it not only performs well, but it also runs at relatively silent. I was unable to hear the supplied 120mm fan over the my HD4850 stock cooling or over the other fans installed inside of the case. I was still disappointed to see that Scythe did not include a PWM feature with the fan. Since the fan is already quiet, slowing it down isn't really necessary, but a PWM feature would be nice to have as an alert if your CPU fan stops.

I really liked the large base of the Ninja 2, this helps with the heat transfer from the processor and to the six heat pipes. The 26 fins quickly carry heat away from the heatpipes (Which allows the heatpipes to quickly carry away heat from your CPU). Speaking of the size of the cooler, you do need to be careful. I was unable to place the fan on the cooler by the RAM sticks due to height restrictions, I ended up having to place it on the other side, sucking the air through the fins instead of blowing it onto the fins. However this obviously depends on the layout of your motherboard.

The multi-platform design allows for a diverse range of usage. For those who use both AMD and Intel systems, this could come handy. The cooler features a tool-less installation once the mounting clips are installed to the base of the Ninja 2. This helps with the time it takes for you to install the cooler on your processor and also allows you to install it while the motherboard is still in the case. I would strongly suggest this cooler to someone who is looking for a new cooler to cool their overclocked CPU.



  • Temperatures
  • Silent Operation
  • Large Base
  • 6 Copper Heatpipes, 3 per side
  • Large in Size
  • Multi-Platform Design
  • Tool Less Installation



  • No PWM fan functions
  • Height (Fan Restrictions)
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