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Scythe Kama Angle Review

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Closer Look:

The overall design of the cooler is unique; rather than a tower design, Scythe and Quiet PC have come up with an unusual "V" shaped cooler to provide, as per the previously mentioned diagrams name, wide range cooling. The Scythe Kama Angle is made up of 60 fins that are as thin as can be for improved air-flow. With the fan installed in the gap of the cooler, airflow can become effective depending on what direction you install the cooler. With that said, the cooler is able to be installed four different ways, as well as the fan having three different locations for installation. The cooler is also capable of holding three fans for some serious cooling. With multiple installations for the fan and the cooler itself, the angled shape works in sync with the system for maximum airflow in the case. The cooler weighs in at 640g so it is somewhat heavy. This is where the infamous push-pin system from Intel comes in handy (since there is no back plate). No matter how annoying push-pins are, they can definitely hold down a cooler.  













With the fan installed, the cooler is ready to dispense of any heat generated, and if one fan isn't enough you can always add two more! The person can be creative as to how they want their airflow.


The fan included with the cooler is a 120mm PWM fan rated at 12v. A PWM fan means the connector has four wires; three of the wires are used to power the fan, while the fourth wire is used to control the fan via software (while reviewing, I used Speedfan 4.35 to speed up and slow down the fan). The noise level is between 6.4dBA~24dBA.  



The Scythe Kama Angle has four copper heatpipes that are relatively spaced out, allowing heat to disperse quicker and more efficiently. The four copper heatpipes connect to a nickle plated copper base that has a very nice, mirror like, finer print galore finish to it.



Space is a factor with the Scythe Kama Angle if you are in a smaller chassis, however the four position mounting system is a great feature for the cooler. Installation of the Kama was interesting. The sides of the heatsink along with the orientation of the push pins turned out to present some challenges with the limited space I had with it in this case. It took a while but alas, the Kama was ready to go!


After inspecting the cooler I am ready to see how well it performs.

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