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iOne Scorpius N4 Mouse/Number Keypad Review



Unfortunately, the mouse was clumsy with its awkward square shape. It will take some getting used to at first, but it will still be clumsy and awkward to use. In games it was even worse. In Half Life 2 Episode 1, I was unable to hit anything as well as I would have with a dedicated mouse. Nonetheless, it is a definite improvement over the touch-pads of most laptops!

As for the keypad, it worked...sort of. A keyboard is designed to be unmoving, while a mouse is meant to move easily. So when you try and use the keypad, it would move all over the place. I somewhat mastered punching numbers down by keying straight down which solved the problem, but became awkward to use. The mode button came into play here so that the pointer would not move all over the screen. But as before, it is a definite improvement over the scrunched up laptop keys.


It was a good idea on paper. Both the number keypad and the mouse aspects of the device were better than a laptop touch-pad and keyboard. But it's just not as good as a dedicated solution. It does save space and USB ports though, so it's up to you whether you want a combined device or two dedicated ones instead. But who really needs a number pad in the first place? Unless you really need it, I'd say just buy a good mouse and make do with the number pad on your notebook when you do use it.


  • Saves on USB ports
  • Better than the integrated devices on a laptop
  • Saves space


  • Awkward to use
  • Not necessary for the average Joe

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  2. Closer Look Continued & Installation
  3. Testing & Conclusion
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