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Sapphire Radeon HD 7790 Dual-X OC Review

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Sapphire HD 7790 Dual-X OC Conclusion:

A high performance FPS beast the Sapphire HD 7790 is not, nor is it meant to be. That being the case the FPS performance it delivered while using upper end settings is pretty impressive, all things considered. In every test run it was faster than the target competitor's card, the GTX 650Ti, at the target price point of $149/159. While running the gaming tests I found the HD 7790 delivered smooth game play with the settings used for my tests. A tangible result when you compare apples to apples.

Sapphire equipped the HD 7790 Dual-X with a cooling solution that has so far delivered the lowest temperatures of any card I have recently tested under load where it counts. The idle characteristics provide for a noise free environment but the cost is slightly higher idle temperatures; a fair trade off for the cooling performance delivered. Ramping the fans up to the 4400RPM limit does make them audible but no where near what you would expect from fans running that fast. Even so the noise was more a pleasant drone than a higher pitched wail. During testing the fans never ramp up this high without manual intervention, providing that noise free gaming solution.

My one beef with this card is the overclocking abilities. Sure I was able to max out the card as it sits today at 1200MHz (core) and 1600MHz (memory), but nothing higher was capable due to some hard limits in the VBIOS. Sapphire's own utility featured clock speeds higher than the limits, but when applied the clock speed would drop to the last setting under the clock speed limits. Even so free performance is nothing to scoff at but it feels like there is so much more left on the table.

For $159, Sapphire delivered with the Dual-X OC. It delivers smooth game play and is cool and quiet. If you need more performance, another Dual-X OC for some Crossfire fun is the prescription for your performance fix. Now get yer frag on!



  • Dual-X Cooling
  • Cooling performance
  • Quiet
  • Delivers playable FPS at high settings
  • Looks
  • Crossfire Support
  • Power Tune



  • Overclocking limits


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