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Sapphire HD 7870 Review

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Closer Look:

The Sapphire HD 7870 uses a dual fan cooling solution. As far as color scheme goes the Sapphire card uses a completely black color scheme, and the card's heatpipes are visible towards the bottom. Flipping the card over reveals a nice empty chunk of blue PCB.

















The card draws its power from two 6-pin connectors, which are located on the top and towards the back of the card. I usually like to see these connectors protruding out of the back of the card, simply because this makes wire management much easier. The card is also equipped with a single Crossfire connector, in case you want to Crossfire it with another HD 7870!



As far as connectivity the user will be able to utilize, there are only single DVI and HDMI ports. You will also be equipped with two DisplayPort connectors; All four of which can be used simultaneously for Eyefinity configurations.


Removing the card's cooler is as simple as removing the screws from the rear end of the card. Once the cooler is removed you can see that the card's memory modules, as well as a few other vital components, come into contact with a black heatspreader. The cooler itself is a fairly large chunk of finned aluminum. Four heatspreaders are spread throughout the aluminum fins to help disperse the heat created by the card.



With the card's cooler completely removed we can see the Pitcairn core located in the center. This chip was created on a 28nm process and is equipped with 1280 Stream processors. The core is factory overclocked to 1050MHz. The card is also equipped with 2GB of GDDR5 memory, which utilizes a 256-bit bus. These memory modules can be found located around the card's core, beneath the black heatspreader.


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