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Sapphire HD 4670 Review

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The Sapphire HD4670 is a card that will do just about anything for you. You can game, you can watch the latest high definition content or just sit back and surf the Internet until you fall asleep in the chair (oops sorry that's me). I was really surprised to see the performance that was delivered in two of the benchmarks. This card is able to play COD4 and Bioshock with all the eye candy on all the way up to 1920x1200. Kind of a shocker, but it is a capable little card in those games. But that's not the strong point for the Sapphire HD4670. Now, if you put 2 or more together in a CrossfireX configuration, you should be able to increase the level of performance without putting yourself into serious debt, as the Sapphire HD4670 retails for a scant 80 bones. Its strong point comes to the forefront when you decide to hook it up to a television and watch the latest movies on Blu Ray. The card is equipped to succeed as a work station piece, video content editing tool, or as an HTPC style video card. It features HDMI support with the ability to send the latest 7.1 sound right along with the picture via an HDMI cable. By offloading all the decoding chores to the GPU, you get smoother playback. Picture quality should be an improvement, as the HD4670 will display the output at a full 1080p. If you are worried about additional power draw or consumption, the HD4670 has you covered as well. This card gets all the power it needs from the PCIe slot, no 6 pin or 4 pin power connection to worry about. With that lack of additional power power consumption, you get temperatures lower than what you can get with the higher end cards. 59 degrees Celsius was the maximum temperature I recorded after looping 3DMark06 for an hour. This cooling solution seems to be adequate for the application.

Sapphire usually includes a really nice bundle with the cards they send out. This one is no different. With the supplied adapters and software you will be up and running HD content or gaming in no time. The Sapphire HD4670 delivers gaming performance, cool operation and high definition playback capabilities at a price point that is affordable by just about anyone.



  • Cool running
  • Budget performance
  • HDMI support
  • Low power consumption
  • HTPC ready
  • Price
  • Bundle
  • CrossfireX capable



  • Not a GPU powerhouse


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